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    Headup display stopped working.

    Have you taken it back to the dealer? They should be able to determine the issue pretty quickly.
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    Marketplace Doesn't Exist?

    If you figure this out, let me know the fix. I'm also missing the button. I tried performing an OTA update but there was none available.
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    Marketplace App

    For some reason I don't have the marketplace app on my 4. Anyone else run into this issue and how to resolve?
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    Questions, Nits, Acclaim, and Observations after 1,500 miles

    Anyone with a manual noticing that the shifts are extremely notchy. I feel like I have to push through a wall with each change. I haven't driven a manual in several years but I don't recall it being that difficult. 4 - 6 are much smoother than 1 - 3. Not sure if it matters, but this is on the 4.
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    Valet Mode

    I wonder if you could turn both on, valet and teen driver at the same time. I'm still in the black hole so can't confirm.
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    Valet Mode

    There are a few teen driver speed limits which seem different from Valet. This is from the manual for a 4: Teen Driver Speed Limiter : Limits the maximum speed of the vehicle. When the speed limiter is turned on and the vehicle is started with a Teen Driver key, the DIC displays a message that...
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    Leather vs Microfiber Steering Wheel and Shift Knob?

    You can see it here in the back of the front seats. The 5BWs have carbon fiber, the 4s get the suede. I opted for this. I've got a 6 year old that's going to kick the sh!t out of it.
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    Leather vs Microfiber Steering Wheel and Shift Knob?

    Slightly off topic, but the 4 higher end seats also have the suede back. Any advice on how to maintain that?
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    Something is definitely off there. If they have locked in your spec, then you should have an order # and it's moved far enough along the process that you can't make changes. I don't know why they would not give you the order number. I would definitely push them to get the order # or find a...
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    Da Goat

    That's amazing. I'd be surprised if my dealer called me when the car arrived.
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    Blaze Orange Metallic - Paint Issue?

    You have a tracking number for the door? :)
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    Car arrived with damage...

    Sorry mate, that sucks to hear. I wonder if they could work out some sort of deal with you where you drive it until a replacement arrives? I'm guessing there's no way they would make that cost the same as just having 1, but maybe they can make it close enough it's easy to stomach? Long shot, but...
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    PSA Regarding Bayed / Shipping

    That's 9/25 though, so next month, right? I hope they don't wait that long to ship ours. However, from a logistics standpoint I can see why they might hold ours and only ship them altogether.
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    PSA Regarding Bayed / Shipping

    When are the cars going to be in Spring Mountain?
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    PSA Regarding Bayed / Shipping

    It was stuck at the plant for a while. Build date is 7/21 I believe. But yes, I agree that my EDD should be later than yours as it just arrived in Toledo. Hopefully they make it to Vegas at the same time and we can do an installation lap around red rock or something.
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