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Model Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing
Pre-Production / Start of Platform Containment Vehicle (RPO WD0):
Pre-Production / Evaluation Vehicle (RPO OAR):
Show Vehicle (RPO RV7):
Exterior Color:
Brake Caliper Color:
Option Packages:
Blue Accent Package (RPO: PDJ):

Bronze Accent Package (RPO: PDL):

Carbon Fiber Package 1 (RPO: CFZ):

Carbon Fiber Package 2 (RPO: CFV):

Climate Package (RPO: Y6F):

Driver Assist Package (RPO: Y5Y):

Technology Package (RPO: CWM):

Road Atlanta IMSA Edition (RPO: ZLG):

Sebring IMSA Edition (RPO: ZLD):

Watkins Glen IMSA Edition (RPO: ZLE):
Additional Options:
First 250 Pre-Sale Order (Collector Series):

Black Mirror Covers (RPO: 5JS):

Battery Protection Package (RPO: 5WF):

Interior Protection Package (VAV, VLI) (RPO: PDH):

Cargo Area Organizer (RPO: RWU):

Cadillac Edition First Aid Kit (RPO: RYT):

Enclosed Shipping (RPO: XES):

Highway Safety Kit (RPO: S08):

Monochrome Emblems (RPO: SFZ):

Seatback Organizer (RPO: SKO):

Lug Nuts, Black (RPO: SPY):

Wheel Locks, Black (RPO: SPZ):

Wheel Locks, Chrome (RPO: SQU):

All Weather Floor Mats (RPO: VAV):

All Weather Cargo Mat (RPO: VLI):

Floor Mats, Premium Carpeted (RPO: VYW):

Cargo Net (RPO: W2D):

Sueded Steering Wheel and Shifter (RPO: 53S):

Steering Wheel, High-Performance (RPO: BTH):

Seat Belt Color, Torch Red (RPO: 709):

Performance Data and Video Recorder (RPO: UQT):

Front License Plate Bracket (RPO: VK3):

Sunroof (RPO: CF5):






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United Arab Emirates:
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