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V sightings


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Nov 4, 2011
Mustang, OK
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
'11 V Wagon, ( '13 427 Vette & '21 Vette)
Been a good couple of weeks for V sightings in and around OKC.

A red V sedan drove past my neighborhood entrance yesterday evening in Mustang, OK while my wife and I were out walking. I waved at it but I think the driver probably thinks I'm nuts. Can't blame them - I am!

Yesterday afternoon, I spotted an XLR V in white in OKC but it turned off before I could get close enough to wave. I was in the V Wagon at the time and the driver may or may know know what it is.

A week ago, I spotted an XLR V in black in OKC and got right up behind it as it turned into a side street. Honked and waved from the V Wagon. Got a quick look from the driver but it was more of a "who the hell are you" look. Oh well. The personalized plate on this one said:


Thought that was cute.

First time I've seen so many XLR Vs in one week. My neighbor has an XLR but it's not a V and I see it all the time.
On the way home yesterday, a black CTS V Coupe was working traffic behind me. I slowed a little to see if it would catch me but it turned off into a shopping center before it could get close.

V's are coming out of the wood work around OKC these days.

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