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V sedan in town


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Nov 4, 2011
Mustang, OK
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
'11 V Wagon, ( '13 427 Vette & '21 Vette)
Well I crossed paths with a silver V sedan today on the way home from work. I was in my Vette instead of the V Wagon. The driver revved the engine as he passed me. Too much traffic to play but we stopped at a traffic light together - way back in the line - and rolled down the window and said hi. To my surprise, the guy "recognized" me as the guy with the red V Wagon in town even though I was in the Vette. He was a bit amazed that I would own both a V wagon and a 427 Vert Vette. I have seen the silver V sedan in town before but today was the first time to chat with the owner. Hope we get to cross paths again before too long.

I bumped into a lady driving a red V sedan last week in my home town. She was in a store parking lot when my wife and I rode by on our bicycles. She didn't have a clue that there was a V wagon in town. I have seen and waved at a black V coupe passing through town but have not had the chance to meet the owner - yet. Some day.

When I'm in the V, I try to wave at other Vs when I see them, like I do when I'm in the Vette and see another Vette.

If you're passing through Mustang, OK and see a red wagon - it might be the V wagon.

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