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Time to tip a glass


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Mar 14, 2021
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2022 CT5-V Blackwing
Here’s to everyone who’s blackwing is soon to be built. Lucky bastards start tomorrow and work out the kinks then the rest of us follow. Lol. We all need to post a picture of the first time we sit and start the car. Congratulations to everyone!!!
Lol I am having a glass now!!! Team busted their behinds, I am burned out but for these cars and customers we keep swinging. So proud of team and all involved. Independence week, V series Blackwing, I am pinching myself.
Mirza thank you for keeping us informed, entertained, and optimistic throughout this whole process. You actually helped me build my car and I appreciated the advice. Tell your team we are all very excited and appreciate what they have accomplished. Well in theory anyway…lol. Need to get keys in hand next!
Now maybe the team can work on allocations to us 1100 folks
I hear you. Not ignoring you but learning as well. Will do what I can help.

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