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News: Spied! 2015 Cadillac ATS-V Winter Testing

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Nov 3, 2011
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Spied! 2015 Cadillac ATS-V Winter Testing

Written by: Donny Nordlicht,
Motor Trend Magazine
on March 8 2013 9:45 AM


If these spy shots are any indication, Cadillac will be adding a little brother to the CTS-V sports sedan. We’ve just caught a camouflage-clad ATS-V out testing in the snow.

Full Story and Photos: https://wot.motortrend.com/spied-2015-cadillac-ats-v-winter-testing-339539.html


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I wonder what tires they are using?

The Michelin PS2 tires delivered on the CTS V suck in the snow.

The article says that it sounded more like a V8 than a TT V6. Maybe GM decided to stuff the new LT1 in there. We'll still have to wait on what GM actually delivers before we know for sure which engine will be in the ATS V.
Anyone found proper SNOW TIRES for the 2016 ATS-V ? Would put same size on all sides
Anyone found proper SNOW TIRES for the 2016 ATS-V ? Would put same size on all sides

Checking with TireRack.com, I'm not seeing any snow tires in ATS-V sizes - probably because the ATS has different sizes front and rear.

It looks like the ATS-V has 18" wheels and the tire diameter's are similar - 25.4 - 25.6.

So, check out snow tires in this diameter. It looks like Michelin had Pilot Alpin PA2 tires in the same size as the front tires.

If you really want to drive your ATS-V in the snow, get a second set of wheels and install the narrower front size tires all around. The Pilot Alpin are rated pretty high on TireRack.com
No one makes a winter tire in 275/35R18, however, Brigestone makes their famed Blizzak WS80 in 255/35R18, the front size on ATS-Vs. The Blizzak is one of the world's best, non-studed, snow and ice tires.

If I was looking for winter tires for the little V, I'd buy an extra set of wheels and use four 255/35R18 Blizzaks all the way around.

This tread design is why
Blizzaks are so good in the snow/ice
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