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Retrofit 360 cameras from CT5 to CT4?


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Sep 25, 2022
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Hey everyone,

so while I wait for my CT4 BW to be manufactured (which will be next year), I started doing a list of mods I want to do to it. Aside from an aftermarket multicolor ambient light kit, the other high on the list is getting the 360 cameras/system from the CT5 V (non BW).

Is there way/place to get the factory service manuals for both cars? Retrofitting cameras should be easy, the problem could be the harnesses. I am at a point where I am doing a list of things that I'd like to have on the 4BW from the 5V non BW. The larger bronze 19s, the 360 cameras, supercruise, etc, have me having second thoughts about it.

Figured I'd ask here for opinions.

Virtually impossible.

Your biggest constraint is the software in the infotainment display. The CT4V doesn't support it.

Supercruise is even harder.

The wheels could work though, so at least there's that.
Thanks for the feedback. I disagree that its impossible since the CT4V non BW has supercruise and the 360 cameras as part of that bundle. I think a competent tech can find a way to reprogram the new infotainment with the MDI. I used to do all kinds of f*ckery in the old Tech2 days.

I do agree that supercruise would be unbelievably difficult and cost-prohibitive, since it has to talk to GM's databases via Onstar for the mapped highways.

Since the "HD Surround Vision with HD Rear Vision Camera" is a closed-loop system, it should be more doable. Hence the question about getting the service manuals to see the differences in diagrams between one with the 360s and one without.
Adding features into the infotainment isn't as simple as flipping a few switches on an OBDII-connected laptop and making it show up. All of the software updates that are done are encrypted and likely have hash checks to prevent people from doing exactly what you're talking about. In the off chance that someone could brute force a regular CT4-V software package onto a Blackwing, you'd lose all the functionality from the Blackwing software (adjustable suspension, exhaust valves, electronic steering control, etc.). Hardly worth the trade.

"The old Tech2 days" have long gone. The Global B platform from GM is a completely different animal.

If you're desperately looking for additional cameras, there are guides on how to add the rearview mirror camera and associated mirror on the forum. Trying to add anything into the infotainment's native software (like the surround cameras) just isn't going to happen.

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