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Question about the Graphite Wheels


Oct 11, 2012
I'm about to enter an order for a 2013 V-wagon and while I really like the graphte wheels, I'm concerned about their duribility. I've owned 3 C6 Z06s with the painted wheels & everytime I have had a tire replaced, I come away with nicks on the lip of the wheel. It would seem like the painted/powdercoated wheels are not as durable and the polished/clearcoated ones.

My question to those who have the graphite colored wheels is this: Have you experienced chipping after dismounting and remounting Tires? I'm not referring to curb rash.

Thanks in advance.

Graphite, comp gray, polished and clear coated; they all seem to have chipping problems when new tires are installed. It's just that the dark wheels show the chips more.

My V has the polished wheels and I have not had to replace the tires yet. Ditto my new 427 Vette. My previous Vette has the comp gray wheels and I changed the tires out once. It did not have any chipping problems. Then again, I had one place replace the tires and the dealer to the alignment.

My previous experience with chipped paint on the wheels as not from mounting the new tires but from the alignment process.

If the alignment is done with the type of equipment that requires it to be clamped to the outter rim of the wheel, then the alignment guys seem to chip the paint on the wheels. Many dealerships use the latest alignment equipment that mounts to the wheel/tire differently and are less likely to chip the paint.

The problem with dealerships is that they want too much for tires but my favorite tire place is reluctant to buy the new (more expensive) alignment equipment since it serves 99% of their business.

For me, I want to know the type of alignment equipment being used at the shop I choose.
Thanks for the input and I couldn't agree more about the type of alignment that is used. The new high dollar stuff clamps to the tread and has rubber feet that gently rest on the wheel itself. The Hunter equipement used to mount tires seems to be the best but as it ages, the teflon pads used to protect the wheel lip wears out and you're gonna get scuff marks and chips. I wonder if anybody sells a hoop like device that fits the edge of the wheel lip. I could buy one and hand to the guy as he mounts and dismounts the tire. The device could be a space age plastic or teflon covered aluminum.
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