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Nov 4, 2011
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Unofficial P1 results:

The first practice session is over now and the Cadillac Racing Team is a little off and may need some adjustments before the next practice session (3 PM Central).

Andy was 8th fastest and 1.63 seconds off. Johnny was 15th and 2.50 seconds off.

More after the next practice session this afternoon.
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Second Practice complete. Unofficial timing has a Ferrari on top with a 2:05.323
Johnny is 1.534 back - 10th fastest
Andy is 1.800 back - 14th fastest

There are 19 cars in the GT class and about that many more in the GT (A) group. This could be a long weekend for Cadillac Racing

This is a double header weekend - first race on Saturday with the second on Sunday.

Standby for the news.
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Spoiler Alert!!!

I missed qualifying this morning so here is the line up for Race 1:

#25 Lambo
#9 McLaren
#61 Ferrari
#31 Porsche
#2 Audi
#05 Nissan
#33 Nissan
#21 Audi
#3 Cadillac
#8 Cadillac
Race 1 Spoiler Alert

I did catch the last 35 minutes of Race 1
Andy had a spin early on that I missed and he fell way back an only made it up to 18th (I think) at the finish.

Johnny must have had a great start as he was 4th when I started watching. After a penalty on the lead Lambo, Johnny brought the new ATS V.R home in 3th behind a Ferrari and a Porsche.

Nicely done Johnny!
Race 2 line up

Race 2 line up for later today is based lap times in yesterday's race. Johnny and Andy both had very good race pace and will start second and fifth in today's race.

1 - Lambo
2 - Cadillac ATS V.R
3 - Porsche
4 - McLaren
5 - Cadillac ATS V.R

Good luck!
Race 2 Spoiler alert

It was wet and raining down in Austin today for Race 2 so PWC used a rolling start for the race.
Johnny didn't get a good start and fell back a couple of places before turn one. Andy had another spin on lap one and fell to the back of the field.

There was one full course yellow and Johnny lost out again on the restart.

McLaren driver (?) really knew how to drive in the rain and won by almost 30 seconds and that was after the full course yellow.

Johnny finished 7th in his ATS V.R
Andy recovered to 20th.

This is all unofficial.

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