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Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

I love Shadow but, isn’t it available across much of GM’s product line including trucks?

Rift is Cadillac V exclusive.
That’s how I was able to see the color in person before I had my car, at a Chevy dealer on a truck. But it looks far better on the Blackwing lines. The more I see it, the more I love it. I’m always getting surprised in different lighting. People must think I’m a lunatic when they walk by in a parking lot and see me staring at my car.
Satin Steel was my first intro to the color and I like it, it really does pop in different shades! Great looking cars out there! Similar effect with the Rift, Red Tint and Blaze as well! Cool pics!
Out to grab a cup of coffee 30 miles till 500, tick tock….


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Food shopping and then …..


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Lovely :)
Your 4BW have a bit of a drop or is that just the angle that makes it look like less space in the arches.
Looks like a drop and possibly spacers...
I think The Blackwing King himself said he didn't understand why the color wasn't more popular. I know why: Shadow was done dirty by Cadillac's horrible computer-generated images in their online build tools.

Once guys here started posting actual pics, M2Cto4BW in particular, I was blown away.

I still might prefer my Rift over Shadow - but it's like a 55/45 thing at this point. If I got back in the goat rodeo, and Shadow were still available, I'd have to do some serious thinking about it.
Agree, I wasn't looking at Rift because of the online Caddy shots until I saw others in different lights
Agree, I wasn't looking at Rift because of the online Caddy shots until I saw others in different lights
x2 same. Didn't love Wave and Orange was beautiful but too loud for a "sleeper". Rift looked like light-silver in the Builder UI. Saw a few pics on here and was SOLD. Such a unique color. Although I might still wrap it emerald green...

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