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Nov 4, 2011
Mustang, OK
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
'11 V Wagon, ( '13 427 Vette & '21 Vette)
This is counter point to my "Being followed" thread.

Last week I stopped at a hardware store in the V Wagon. I picked up a few items and headed to the garden area check out. The check out guy (early 20s and the oldest) wanted to know who I worked for. Odd question but I told him. Then he looked puzzled and looked at my ball cap and polo shirt again. Then he asked what the "V" on my hat and shirt meant.

Like I said - no clue. The young folks today are not into cars they way older folks are or were.

I explained as quickly as I could (the check out line was getting longer) that it was the "V" logo for the Caddy V-series performance cars and I pointed out my V Wagon just out in the parking lot. I don't think it made that much of an impression.

Oh well.

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