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Newbie from small town Texas....


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Feb 1, 2014
Scatter Branch, Texas
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2011 CTS-V coupe
Car nut from age 12 when I started reading the car magazines - that's 60 years ago. In the ensuing 60 years have owned and driven a _lot_ of cars - on five continents: mostly fun, mostly good.... this is my first Cadillac - though my dad drove them for more than 40 years...

I'm coming out of Corvettes as daily drivers for the past 24 years trading an '07 C6 (120K miles) for the 2011 CTS-V coupe (Thunder gray, manual shift)...

I am "reduced" to two cars now: the V- and an '88 328 GTB Ferrari (silver/red).... tough decision when I leave the house in the morning: do I drive the fun car, or the fun car? :laugh:

Headed to Spring Mountain in March....
Nice! You have a good taste in cars. The 328 has a soft spot in my heart.

Welcome to the Cadillac V-Net!
Welcome to the C-Net and the world of V series Cadillacs!!!

I've been all over Texas and I have no idea where Scatter Branch is.

Welcome to the C-Net and the world of V series Cadillacs!!!

I've been all over Texas and I have no idea where Scatter Branch is.


Hell, nobody does - it's four (miles) outside of Commerce, Texas, about 60 miles NE of Dallas.

When I moved back to the US from Italy - the first time - in 1984 - I knew I could no longer live in an American city - not after having lived in European ones - so I moved near where I was raised - Greenville, Texas.

The university in Commerce had a 4-story library - handy for research for a journalist/editor/photographer - so "Commerce" it was... particularly since living in the country I could have a rifle and pistol range in the backyard. :smile:

I could have - should have? - listed my residence as: Scatter Branch, Texas/Afragola, Italy, as I often split my time between Italy and Texas.
Well, I found a "Scatter Branch Cemetery" on Google Maps and it's a short distance out of Commerce. Must be the place. I've passed through Paris, TX a lot of time and I have family in Plano but I've never driven between Plano and Commerce / Paris.

Might have to do that one day just to say I've been there.

The V coupe is a good choice for a Vette replacement if you can't keep both. I'm lucky in that I get to keep my Vette and have a V in the garage also.

How's the weather down there? I'm looking at 2 inches of snow up here and it's still coming down.
After 24 years in Corvettes I just wanted to do something else... 600K miles - daily drivers all. I replaced the Vette as daily driver with the 328 GTB Ferrari last June - thought to buy a C7 the fall of 2015 - still may - but decided I did not need two sports cars at the same time (yeah, yeah, I know - V-car - :lol:) Anyway, the V-car has come to live with me.... at least for a while. The F-car stays.

Mustang. Know of it, never been there. Grew up part of my early years in Sulphur. Have relatives in Duncan, Sulphur, Ada, Claremore, and my father-in-law used to live in Moore. I used to pick up cars for a Chevy-dealer friend who would buy GM cars at the auction in OKC. He'd buy a Vette or something and he'd ask me to go get it as he knew I'd just drive it home rather than wrecking or floating valves or some such disaster....

Thus far am enjoying the V-car, looking forward to Spring Mountain in March. Would be fun to take the Cadillac to Europe and run the a'strada and the a'bahn...... but I don't see that happening as, these days, I take trains or rent a small car as necessary....

Everyone see this link? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/motoring/23389/artcurial-rétromobile.html


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