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Jun 20, 2014
Pickerington Ohio
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
12 V Sedan BD 6M Recaros Ultraview, 05 Stealth Grey V; traded
My name is Mike. I'm from Pickerington Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. My ride is a 12 BD V sedan, 6M, Recaros, Satin black wheels and Ultraview. Previously I had an 05 Stealth Grey V that I traded in. I'm retired Air Force after a 26 year career, and currently work as an Electronic Technician for the Postal Service. I'm a member of 2 other Cadillac/V forums. I contribute when I can, and pay close attention to things that I know nothing about but am trying to learn.

Welcome to the Cadillac V-Net Mike, and thank you for your service in the Air Force!

I'm retired Air Force also and, like you, I had a V1 before too.

Thanks for joining the V-Net.

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