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New 2014 CTS-V Wagon in NYC


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Mar 1, 2014
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2014 CTS-V Wagon
IMG_1016.jpgIMG_1017.jpgNice to meet you all, we picked up our practical and practically lethal family get away hauler yesterday from Brogan Cadillac and set near record time flying up to Sheffield, Mass. Started with 22 miles on the clock, little over 250 as of this morning. Diamond white with black interior, black wheels, auto, big sunroof, and doggy net in the back. It's a vicious car, should fit in nicely with her stable mates; '91 Diablo, '99 550 Maranello, '65 427 SC Cobra (by Superformance) and '67 SS 396 Camaro convertible. The V-wagon edged out our beloved and trusty '01 Audi S8. 185,000 miles under her belt, she's heading to a new home. Goodbye silver Ronin, hello white dragon of doom.

Will post pics soon.

NYC & Sheffield, MA
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Very cool! Congrats and welcome to the Cadillac V-Net! Post some pictures when you get a chance.

Welcome to the V-Net!

V Wagon's are a real kick.

Can I borrow the Maranello next time I'm in the area?
Welcome to the supercharged 6.2l family. I'm probably going to buy my wife an auto wagon in the near future.
1000 hp

everybody was out today


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Nice. :rocker:

When the streets and driveways are clear, it's nice to get them out.

If the streets and driveways are icey here in OK, my hotrods stay in the garage and I usually stay inside also.

On some slick days my wife and I carpool in the Volt - it actually does pretty good on the white stuff even though the nose is pretty low.

We're finally seeing temps in the 60's and 70's this week. My V Wagon is my daily driver, so, it's at work now. I'll get the Vette out tomorrow.

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