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Interior mounting points


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Nov 30, 2021
Bucks County, PA
So a cursory glance around the interior reveals that the car is at least half airbags. Has anybody looked into a tidy spot to mount stuff like a fire extinguisher or holster without having the bonus of whatever it is being violently launched at you in the event of a collision?

I figure the classic front of the passenger seat mount for the fire extinguisher could work, but the plastic would force it to be pretty far out there.

Anybody think up any better ideas before I start digging into this?
The more you know! I had thought that a fire extinguisher requirement went along with a cage requirement. Assuming it has to be reachable from the driver's seat?
Yes. Most require ability to access from driver's seat. I don't know of any HPDE groups that require it. For me it was because of Optima Ultimate Street Car and One Lap of America.

It is a good idea for 'just' HPDE. As I have had the chance to use after watching a hot brake from another car exhaust set the grass on fire where he was parked.

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