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Hello From Houston Texas!


Jan 15, 2024
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2024 CT6-V BW
1st post
6th Cadillac 200 miles so far, almost half way there.
1 2013 SRX
2 2016 SRX
3 2018 CT6 (should have never gotten rid of)
4 2020 XT6
5 2022 CT5 Sport
6 This........

Had 5 miles on it. I think it was an order that got walked on. Spent months trying to pick one out only to run in to constraints or obsolete options. It's pretty much fully loaded except for the CF splitter and spoiler. One thing I wanted was supercruise and everything that came with it. Last time we tried to order, it they came back and said that was also on constraint. Not sure if it still is or not. I had a 2022 sport Blaze with racing stripes. We went in for service and lo and behold this exactly matched our build sheet to the dollar, except for the color.


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Nice - congrats!

Cadillac should be paying you for ads as a satisfied customer who loves the brand...
That’s why God invented Auto Paint shops. They can make it any color you want. Life is good.
Yeah it will end up there. Our last CT6 Sport was the Blaze orange with black stripes. Stunning......but wife wants a different color each time. Even though this is a repeat color, she wants racing stripes. Sooooo we are down to either lightly ghosted gray or lightly ghosted black cherry.


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I think it was an order that got walked on.
Congratulations. Beautiful ride!

That's how I obtained mine. Had one on order for 16 months. Gave up on it and started looking around. Luck was on my side........finally.

You do have room in the garage for the C7 don't you? :unsure:
Congratulations on your new ride! Not sure where you are located, but I’m on the West side in Katy.
There is a Houston chapter of V-Club according to their website. I’m not a member, so I can’t speak if good or bad.

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