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Borla 40364 Pro XS Mufflers (Budget Exhaust)


Dec 22, 2012
Church Hill, TN
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2011 CTS-V Sedan (V-Lab Car)
My V is my DD and I don't plan on extensive mods but I did want it to breath good and have a little more rumble to it. I have used these Borla mufflers on other vehicles I've built with blown small blocks and had good results so I used them along with the factory tips and have had good results so far, I also plan to do a CAI soon.


I got the mufflers for $112 each, so with the gas and wire it probably costs me around $230.
Where can I get the mufflers from have a2013 v wagon

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BORLA's website shows this muffler at 100.70 direct from them and a list of places to get them.
I assume shipping, etc, would be added. Go here:

ProXS Muffler part # 40364
Jegs for Borlas

Jegs has the 40364 for 89.99 each with free shipping.
Yeah, I totally agree that Borla does very quality and lasting mufflers. After my OE one got damaged and there was no way to restore it, I also checked on different variants available on the market (https://www.carid.com/exhaust-mufflers/). but finally got Borla for my 2009 CTS-V and I must say I like the way it sounds and looks from underneath :blinzel:
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