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Beautiful CT4-V Blackwing Powerbands

@WONT TAP I had a question on switching fuel types for the 4BW specifically. Assuming we tune with you using HP tuners & have the fueling capacity to run up to E40/50ish blends (which should just be the fuel cam correct?), are we simply rewriting using vcm editor depending on what fuel we want to run on that particular tank of gas, or is there a flex fuel sensor available. I want to eventually switch between 91, 93,100 & whatever E mixes a fuel cam only, can handle. Or does it make more sense to stick with a specific E mix & not deviate from that? Thanks in advance!
With HP Tuners we can easily create very specific maps for each of the different fuels you want to run. Then you'll be able to switch between these in about one minute.
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