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Adding features (air ionizer, camera) to my BW after delivery


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Oct 2, 2022
Sacramento, CA
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2020 CT5-V (2020-2022), 2023 6MT CT5-V BW (Raven Black)
Hi everyone--

I like some jumped on the availability of a dealer-spec'd 5BW when I could, having to settle for losing the Parking package (and with it the air ionizer, rear camera, and hands-free trunk release).

I could be without the latter two, but having owned a prior non-BW 2020 CT5-V, I loved the air ionizer especially once that "new car smell" ends. Do you think I could take this back to the dealer to get this installed? Not that I ever really used it but what about the Rear view camera? Something about it just missing those features bugs me and makes me want to see if I can add them after the fact.

I tried to do a search but didn't see if anyone else had looked into adding any features after they've received their BW's.

Thanks guys!
I know people have retrofitted the rear view camera. Simple enough since you need the the shark fin camera, wiring and the mirror itself.
The ionizer, dont see that being a simple thing. Specially since the only way to turn it on is via the infotainment settings. I imagine it wont even be an option to turn it on since the firmware will be different. Seems like a whole lot more complicated for what it is.
I have been itching to install a front camera on my 4-BW. I have had great luck with GM products being plug and play in the past, so I am hoping adding the camera will just enable the shadowed icon so I can select it as the desired camera input.

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