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2015 Pirelli World Challenge


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Nov 4, 2011
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Just a reminder that the 2015 World Challenge kicks off the weekend of March 6 through 8 - 2 weeks away down in Austin, TX as the Circuit of the Americas.

This will be the first race for the new Cadillac Racing ATS V.R. The Entry List shows 15 GT cars entered.

This is a double header weekend for PWC with races on Saturday and Sunday.

Sure hope the new ATS V.R does well.
Appendix A - Balance of Performance stuff

The first 2015 Appendix A is available and PWC probably needs to release an updated version before the first race.

They show the max engine size for the new ATS V.R as 6200 cc - same as last year's CTS V.R --- I don't think the TT V6 the ATS is running will every get that big.

Of course they have a footnote for the ATS V.R noting that these values are still "draft" and there there will be changes to them on an accelerated basis.

Additionally, most of the "GT3" cars in PWC will have a minimum weight of 3053 pounds w/driver (187# minimum). The ATS V.R gets this minimum weight while last year's CTS V.R was allowed to run at 2975 for the last race.

Ought to be an interesting first race.
PWC updated the BoP document as expected. The ATS V.R is now listed with a 3600 Max Engine displacement and 2 40mm restrictors instead of just one.

First race is this weekend.

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