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News: 2014 National Corvette Caravan

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Nov 4, 2011
Mustang, OK
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'11 V Wagon, ( '13 427 Vette & '21 Vette)
I've been off the V-Net for a week attending the National Corvette Caravan. Time to catch up.

My wife and I were Captains for the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle this year and drove to Amarillo, TX Sunday Aug 24th so we could take the lead of the combined Southern California/Southern Nev and Arizona/New Mexico and our participants there.

We drove our 2013 427 Convertible 60th Anniversary Corvette on this road trip. Monday, Aug 25th, went from Amarillo to El Reno (lunch stop) to Catoosa and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Tuesday, Aug 26th, we drove to Cape Girardeau, MO with a lunch stop in Springfield. We had about 400 Corvettes in our Caravan by Cape G by then. Wednesday, Aug 27th, we drove to Bowling Green, KY and the National Corvette Museum. After doing a drive through of the Museum that afternoon late, we were finished with our Captain's duties.

Thursday, Susan and I got to ride along on pace laps at the NCM's new Motorsports Park with other 1-Acre Club members. Lots of cars on the track that morning - way too many to get any real speed up and we spent more time rolling along at 4th of July parade speeds.

Friday morning was a lot better as we got to drive our Caravan Captain's car on the MSP outer loop - still behind a pace car but at speeds up to 80 MPH on the back side of the track. The pace car really slowed down on the main straight however to bunch us up and keep us from airing out the HP down the straight. The main straight is 4000-ft long.

We watched Corvette Racing put the C7.R through its paces at speed on the track and they were well over 150 on the main straight. Ron Fellows will be holding driving schools there net year and for several years. Maybe next year, I'll get to drive a Vette at racing speeds around the track instead of follow a pace car.

Now to get the house, yard and Corvette straightened up.
Almost 3 weeks since Caravan. All quiet on that front now.
Vette got a complete cleaning, inside and out, clay bar treatment and fresh wax.
Been driving the V Wagon most of the time as it is my DD. Wish the got as good gas mileage as the Vette does.
My wife lets me drive the new ATS some also. Twice the mileage as the V.

Next Vette event is Veteran's Day parade in El Reno, OK.

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