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    Is sky cool gray, gray?

    That sh*t is WHITE
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    Post Pics of Your Kids

    This is the correct color
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    Blackwing Owner Age

    Yeah but I can't afford a house so I have to live in the car. #priorities
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    4BW Front Plate Mounting

    Got a pic of this arrangement? I managed to mount the plate so that it doesn't interfere with the sensors, but now it just looks kinda stupid
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    4BW Front Plate Mounting

    I'm pretty sure I have the Equinox one (the EOS brand) and it works for me. I just had to put both supplied washers and angle the bracket that hold the actual plate frame. It would not have cleared it if the bracket was straight. Still getting some parking sensor readings and keep trying to...
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    Adaptive cruise control (ACC)?

    Wait a second, are you sure MT doesn't get emergency braking?
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    4BW Front Plate Mounting

    Update: Goddamn, what a titanic pain in the ass I'm having mounting this bracket. I got the bracket on and it didn't trip the parking sensors, so I figured I was winning at life. As soon as I put the frame and plate on the sensors freak out, particular the outboard one on the edge of the bumper...
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    4BW Track Weekend – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (with Video)

    So amateur question, does this mean that any brake pad that fits the Camaro/GS would also fit on the 4BW?
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    Carbon fiber PN database.

    I blinked and missed it. I'm really curious what you did to offend his sensibilities, Ivy
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    Somewhere south of 250? I had it for a week and then it went to the detailer for tints/ceramic/ppf, and hopefully should be back home looking spiffy tomorrow.
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    Was my engine made by a noob?

    Yeah and mine was built by Hugh Jass.
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    Air Con not working

    Filled tank with goat farts instead of refrigerant. Smh...
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    Was my engine made by a noob?

    "We need to throw an engine together but everyone's taking lunch!" "Aw, just put Dudley on it, how bad could he f*ck it up?"
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    CT4V BW ventilated seats question

    Exactly this. By and large, I find that most ventilated seats kinda suck relative to what you'd hope they do. I had them in my Genesis, my wife's Kia Sportage and now the 4BW and they've all been kind of underwhelming, if ultimately at least somewhat effective. The only car I was ever in...
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