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V-Performance Academy Invitations for 2017 Model Year Cadillac V-Series Owners

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Individualized instruction, instant feedback. The V-Academy curriculum relies on small group training led by world-class drivers to ensure that participants receive focused coaching and attention during activities like the Skid Pad, Slalom and Steering Exercises. Cadillac’s available Performance Data Recorder (PDR) provides real-time information—including video footage—from your run the moment you step off the track. This footage is then used by the V Academy instructors to analyze, examine and improve your on-track performance.

Cadillac will be sending out friendly reminders to all 2017 Model Year Cadillac V-Series Owners regarding the V-Performance Academy.

The Cadillac V-Performance Academy located just outside Las Vegas at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club.

This comprehensive driving program will increase your knowledge of high-performance driving and help you experience the full potential of your V-Series Cadillac.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only see everything your new V-Series can do, but to experience personalized training that will further enhance your driving skills.

As a friendly reminder, 2017 Model Year Cadillac ATS-V and CTS-V owners will start receiving the attached V-Performance Academy Invitation in the mail, shortly after they take delivery of their vehicle. The envelope will include a brochure and an invitation, reminding our V-Series owners on the complimentary offer that is included with his or her purchase. For reference, dealerships will receive samples of the V-Performance Academy Invitations in the April and May Dealer World Delivery (DWD) kits. Please use these brochures to remind potential and new customers on this exclusive offer.

The brochure is attached below:


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