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Own a Piece of Cadillac History With Pratt & Miller CTSV-R Chassis 004

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2005 Cadillac CTSV-R Chassis 004

One of three team cars that won the Speed/Pirelli World Challenge MFR championship in 2005 & 2007

When Cadillac decided to enter the Speed World Challenge, they hired  world-renowned Pratt & Miller Engineering to help them get there.

GM and Pratt & Miller had a long working relationship of engineering, building and supporting competitive race cars for the manufacturer starting in 1999  with the Corvette Racing program.

After spending nearly $60 million to build and race the Cadillac CTSV-R, the Cadillac Racing team finally won the manufacturers and drivers championship in 2005 and then again in 2007.

This particular chassis is the third one built for the series.  Chassis #001 was never raced, so this one benefited from all of the racing experience the team learned from chassis #002 and #003.

Shortly before declaring bankruptcy in June of 2009, GM sold Chassis #004 to a privateer racing company in order to keep Cadillac in the racing limelight.  As a result, this CTSV-R was driven by many well known race car drivers including Ron Fellows, Johnny O’Connell, Max Papis, Jordan Taylor, Max Angelelli, John Heinricy, and Andy Pilgrim.

Cadillac CTSV-R with its incredible racing history is now up for sale by its current owner.  From the listing:

Building on their experience building the Corvette race cars starting in 1999, Pratt & Miller constructed  four cars that came to dominate the World Challenge for  many years.  Between 2004-2008 Cadillac won 10 poles, 12 races and was on the podium 46 times. Chassis #004 was most often driven by Max Angelelli or Ron Fellows . While based on the production Cadillac CTSV, almost every part was custom designed and fabricated to produce a unique car.  Powered by a GM developed and Katech produced 6.2l LS motor mated to a Tremec 6 speed transmission , the car was handicapped with a 20% inlet restriction to reduce hp. chassis #004 remains in its Remington livery as raced in its last season and is as it was retired at the end of the 2008 season.  The car has been properly maintained and is race ready with normal reconditioning. It comes with an enormous spares package including drivetrain, body, suspension, brake parts as several sets of wheels. Fully documented and a rare competitive  historic race car.

Source:  Race Cars Direct

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