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Date Last Updated: September 25, 2007

The Cadillac V-Net Team

Just Who Are You Folks Anyway?

The Cadillac V-Net has a top-notch team of volunteer Moderators and Administrators who volunteer their own time because they are so passionate about politics, our community and keeping it running smoothly.

Moderators and Administrators help the site maintain professionalism and assist in the painful process of rapid growth.

Moderators are expected to act in a way to reduce controversy and restore a spirit of civility and focus on politics and camaraderie, even while they have to make difficult decisions about removing posts. They are serious in their application of the terms of service but strive to be professional, while encouraging all members to enjoy the forums.

Please remember that they are members too, and that you will see them posting on topics that interest them much more than you see them post on problematic issues that require their decision. They strive to be model members and lead by example.

Role of Moderators

A Moderator is a Cadillac V-Net member with special administrative abilities which allow them to make changes to threads and posts in the forums for which they have responsibility.

Moderators enforce community rules and work in the interests of fostering lively discussion and in improving their forum. Some moderators are more active posters in their forums than others, but this is not a requirement of the moderator.

Moderators are champions of their forums and always look for ways to improve it, push it forward, and keep it inviting, friendly, and active. Moderators also help new members and do everything else needed to keep the forum friendly and engaging. Their many activities include:

Moderators can:

  • Helping new members
  • Close and open threads
  • Move threads 
  • Edit threads or posts 
  • Delete threads or posts 
  • Split and merge threads 
  • Stick and unstick threads 

Role of Administrators

The Administrators keep the site functioning on a day-to-day basis. Some of the Administrators help to push the site forward with new enhancements and improvements and maintaining the servers. Some act as advisors to all of the Moderators, and some act as Points of Contact for various projects and events. Their many activities include all of the above tasks listed under Moderators as well as:

  • Global moderation of all forums
  • Proposing new site features
  • Championing projects and articles
  • Test new parts of the site that are under development