Tools and Shop Aids

Product reviews and evaluations of Cadillac V-Series tools and shop aids.

[Product Review] Trak-Jax Race Ramps by Zip Products

Race Ramp Trak-Jax were inspired by an auto crosser that didn’t want to buy a new high priced low-profile jack just to change his tires at the track.

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[Product Review] GearWrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack

The GearWrench Wing Light on the Underhood Rack is a quantum leap past that old trouble light. It’s brighter. It focuses the light on the work rather throwing light all over the place.

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Diamond Tipped Screwdriver by GearWrench

by Hib Halverson Why does anyone need a “diamond tipped screwdriver”? Is it because…

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[PRODUCT REVIEW] Best DIY Brake Bleeder by GearWrench

Best DIY Brake Bleeder by Hib Halverson I’ve owned my ATS-V for two and…

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[Product Review] Big Ass Light Bar by Big Ass Solutions

You’d think “Big Ass Solutions” would be a clever name for a weight-loss plan…

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