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PRODUCT REVIEW: Diamond Tipped Screwdriver by GearWrench - Cadillac V-Net

PRODUCT REVIEW: Diamond Tipped Screwdriver by GearWrench

by Hib Halverson

Why does anyone need a “diamond tipped screwdriver”? Is it because the diamond tips are stronger and more durable?

Not exactly.

The tip on a GearWrench diamond tip screwdriver is actually a plasma-sprayed, diamond-powder, tip and there is good reason for the coating. Industrial diamond powder is extremely hard and quite abrasive. It’s plasma sprayed into the tips of these screwdrivers so it’s also durable. If you looked at the surface of those tips with a strong magnifier, you see that the diamond particles have sharp edges.

When you engage a screw head with those tips, the diamond particles enhance the grip the tip has on the metal inside the slot or Phillips cross on the screw head. Compared to screwdriver tips without diamond coating, these screwdrivers provide up to four times the gripping power while reducing cam-out and slippage compared to non-diamond-coated tips. As a result, there are less cases of the screwdriver tip slipping off or out of the screw.

GrearWrench Diamond Tip Screwdrivers have ergonomically-shaped “tri-lobe” handles for comfort when gripping them tightly when applying a lot of torque. The handles have a “Speed Zone” for faster rotation in low-torque situations. The handles are, also, have “dual-material” construction that is oil and solvent resistant and contributes to comfortable use.

We’ve been using these screwdrivers for a few weeks. We like the feel of the handles. The “Speed Zone” part of the handles initially seemed gimmicky to us but after using them a while, it actually comes in handy. The diamond tips do, in fact, make for a more secure hold on the screw we’re turning.

GearWrench sells these diamond tip screwdriver separately or in a set of six (PN 88920) which includes three Phillips-head screwdrivers (#1 x 4”, #2 x 1½”, #2 x 4”) and three slotted screwdrivers (3/16” x 4”, ¼” x 1 ½”, ¼” x 4”).

For more information, see the GearWrench web site.

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