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[PRODUCT REVIEW] Best DIY Brake Bleeder by GearWrench

Best DIY Brake Bleeder by Hib Halverson I’ve owned my ATS-V for two and a half years and almost 22,000 miles so, this week, it was time to flush the brakes. For over 20 years, when I’ve done brake work in my little DIY shop, I’ve used a small, hand-pumped, pressure bleeder, but recently, it malfunctioned so I replaced it. ...

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[PRODUCT REVIEW] Gear Wrench Electronic Torque Wrenches

We do wheel nuts using a star pattern and in three passes. This is the first pass. Image: Author.

Gear Wrench Electronic Torque Wrenches by Hib Halverson This is our first experience with “electronic torque wrenches”. Admittedly, that’s a bit odd considering the amount of coverage the V-Net’s product evaluation staff has given technology in tools such as scan testers, wideband oxygen sensors, tuning software and the like. Up to now, when we needed to torque wheel nuts, brake ...

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