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Review: WeatherTech Floorliner

by Hib Halverson
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WeatherTech Floor Liners for the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V

Product: WeatherTech Floorliner
Manufacturer: MacNeil Automotive Products

WeatherTech FloorLiners! I have them in my Chevy Blazer and in my Corvette, so I decided to try them (gasp!) in the Cadillac V-Net’s new ATS-V test car. Ok, ok, I admit that some Cadillac owners would not choose this product for carpet protection in a high-performance luxury car and, in fact, on another Cadillac forum, I got seriously hammered for advocating FloorLiners, but while the haters are gonna hate, hate, hate, WeatherTech FloorLiners make a hell of a lot of sense from a practical standpoint and, in this case, we’re trading pretty for practical. There’s another reason I wanted FloorLiners in the car and that’s their sort of “industrial” look. I can’t help it. I just like that.

A FloorLiner is a flexible, plastic insert which conforms to the shape of the footwell. Digital laser measurements of interior surfaces taken by MacNeil Automotive Products, maker of WeatherTech products, during development of a new FloorLiner application ensure a perfect fit. A patented raw material allows a rigid core for strength while offering surface friction to the carpet, as well as tactile feel to the surface. FloorLiners have channels that carry fluids, dirt and debris, away from shoes and clothing, into a reservoir which uses additional channeling to minimize movement of fluids and dirt while driving. Once fluids become trapped in the reservoir, they are easily removed by pulling out the FloorLiner and emptying it. If it’s really dirty, just turn the hose on it, maybe brush it a bit and air dry. No muss. No Fuss!

FloorLiners are very practical in a car which sees a lot of road trip miles We’re into convenience on road trips when driver and passenger will be in and out of the car frequently and not always able to be careful where they’re walking nor able to clean their shoes all the time. In those situations, the WeatherTech FloorLiner is a godsend. At the end of a long day driving, if the floors are dirty; simply pull out the FloorLiner, shake the dirt off it and pop it back in. For ATS-Vs, they come in black and tan, so they can look good with most ATS-V interior colors. Our car has a black interior, so we selected WeatherTech PNs 444971 (front) and 444972 (rear). The installation off all four took about ten minutes. Open the door, pull out the stock mat, drop in the FloorLiner and, in the front, snap it in place. One installed, they look awesome!

FloorLiners are brand new in the ATS-V, however, in our other vehicles they’ve been in place for several years. WeatherTech FloorLiners have lived up to their reputation of practicality. Durability? Heck, yeah. FloorLiners are tough and long-lasting. The set in the Corvette have been there for three years and they look new, but that’s nothing. I have another set in a 1999 Blazer ZR2 which were installed in 2002. With all the abuse they get in an off-road-capable vehicle and they still look good. Now, I love FloorLiner’s in ATS-Vs, too and they’re so durable, I’ll bet Ill be raving about them ten years from now.

WeatherTech FloorLiners are made In USA at MacNeil’s plant in Illinois. For more info, go to MacNeil Automotive Products web site at www.weathertech.com.

WeatherTech FloorLiner set for 2016 Cadillac ATS-V
WeatherTech FloorLiner set for 2016 Cadillac ATS-V

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