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Winter Wheels and Tires for CT4-V Blackwing


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Oct 3, 2023
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2022 CT4-V Blackwing
I got my CT4-V Blackwing in late August, and being in Minnesota I needed to look for winter wheels and tires right away. After reading through this forum and Reddit, I was able to gather enough information to buy a brand new set of OZ Racing Challenge wheels locally. Here are the details I kept in a spreadsheet of specs and costs:
  • OZ Racing Challenge Wheels 18x9.5 et33 - $800 on Facebook Marketplace
  • Continental VikingContact 7 245/40R18 & Install - $803.55 through Discount Tire
  • GM TPMSensor & Valve Stem Nut (13538760) (13581557) - $92.40 on eBay
  • 4pcs Hub Ring - 72.56mm OD (4 Pack) - 66.90mm ID (Metal) - $17.22 on Amazon
  • 2pcs 12mm 5x120 Hubcentric Spacers 72.6mm Bore - $30.42 on Amazon
  • 20pcs Gorilla Small Diameter Lug Nuts 26143HT - $37.18 on Amazon
  • 20pcs 14x1.5 Spline ET Lug Nuts - $31.13 on eBay

I paired them with Continental VikingContact 7 tires in a square setup (245/40R18) because I prefer narrower width as well as a bit taller height in the front for better clearance. The wider 9.5 wheel at 33 offsets did not clear the strut. I tried 2 different sets of wheel spacers. 5mm would clear the strut, but I prefer the look of 12mm spacers. This results in 13.4mm poke compared to the stock wheel in the front. The rear needs no spacers with a 15mm poke.


Due to the use of 12mm spacers, the front wheel studs are not long enough for regular lug nuts. I currently have a set of extended thread lug nuts. I test-mounted them and all seemed good, but wonder if I should replace the front wheel studs with longer ones (Dorman 610-428.1). I took a picture from the back of the wheel hub and it seems possible to swap the studs without removing the brakes.


I'm also considering 15mm bolt-on wheel spacers to get around swapping the wheel studs. Would love to hear your opinion on which option to go with. Other than this one concern, I'm very happy with the outcome. The OZ Racing wheels are lighter and show the brake calipers much better. The rear doesn't look that high once the suspension settled.
Nice stance after getting the spacers sorted out.
I drove it shortly after the first snow on Halloween (about 2.5"). The rear can be playful when I got on the gas, but very predictable. I wouldn't be hesitant driving the car if accumulation is no more than 6". These VikingContact 7 tires are surprisingly quiet. Here are some photos.


Car looks good. You will do just fine in the winter. Did great in Michigan last year. Only 6 hours the full winter I couldn’t drive until they plowed a foot of snow.


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