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PSA Regarding Bayed / Shipping


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Looks good as it's not showing Delayed!
Some of you have never ordered a GM car and tracked it and it shows. 🤣
Apparently I've been bayed since the 26th, but delivery date is null, and vehicle status is "on hold"
VIN not found.

And yes, very sketchy URL and site. But hey what's the worst that could happen ;)
I have to correct myself. Mine is actually showing up, but not showing as bayed yet. Status ASN still but at least it has a FreightId. The 9th digit is different on mine than some others I've seen and I missed that when entering the VIN.

Are you using the full VIN from cadillac? I had to get mine from the cadillac chat advisor, the partial VIN from here won't work.
I'm using the full VIN that my dealer provided to me anyways. I've not received it directly from Cadillac, so it's possible I didn't use the right number.

Or more likely I havent entered the bayed status yet?

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