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CT4-V Not Tall Steve's Blackwing

Cadillac CT4-V model
Shop's post about the car:

Also some random other photos I've taken lately...



Different look on that spoiler, and I like it! The wrap color is, OUTSTANDING! Outside the box mods on a 4BW. Very Nice.

Love everything about this aesthetic! The Bamboo wrap and the forged Carbon are 🔥

Is that wrapped or the @WONT TAP CF spoiler?I think a forged splitter up front would pop subtly in contrast between the wrap and other gloss bits.

Overall, beautiful car!
It is the TapOut forged CF rear spoiler. I have the forged CF front lip and wheel deflectors on order, just waiting on them being sent along with a list of other parts.
Update: Wheels are in.
Unfortunately the tires are backordered til mid February...

Installed green filters.
Also, tires are in, swift springs are in, and the CF wheel well deflectors are in... Just waiting on availability to get in and get the springs installed with the new wheels and tires, along with an alignment.

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Love the touch of the blackwing decal. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on how it drives. I should have mine shipped out soon. I'm eager to install. Just picked up my 4BW this past Friday. It's a treat to drive.
Too bad I installed the decal off-center. I should have taken an extra 2 seconds to line it up. At least it's not out in the open to see every time I pass by.
I’m so glad to find these pics. My car is getting a full PPF wrap now including color change. I decided to keep my roof gloss black, but told them to leave door mirrors and handles to last so I could decide once I see in person. Your pics confirm door mirrors should stay black for sure, and I’m 90% on door handles now.
With all of the other black color accents on the car(at least the ones without CF1 & 2), it fits well.
Any update on those wheels getting mounted? Very curious to see the fitment!
I keep thinking about wrapping mine in a destroyer grey, or the grey similar to what some of the M series cars have. Thanks for posting.
Any update on those wheels getting mounted? Very curious to see the fitment!
Unfortunately, no... Car has been in service at the dealership for almost 3 weeks now. Waiting on a backordered part for the cooling system that failed and I can't drive it. It's killing me to not have it and not be able to mount the wheels/tires.
Front splitter is here... just need some time to install it along with the deflectors...
lip resize.jpg
Trying to get some time to get in to my buddy's shop to get the suspension and wheels on. No ETA, currently.

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