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Escalade IQ Pricing


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Mar 22, 2021
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2024 CT5-V Blackwing 6MT
So, I went in to talk with a local dealer about the IQ.
  • They said I could put $500 down to reserve a spot in line for the truck.
  • When they have the ability to order the truck, they will call me and let me know what the "dealer premium" will be on top of the MSRP.
  • They expect the "dealer premium" to be $30,000 - $50,000 on top of MSRP.
  • If I agree, they'll place my order. If not, I get my $500 back.
This is such bullshit. They did the same thing with the Escalade V's, Corvette Z06's, etc.

I know GM dealers aren't the only ones allocating in-demand vehicles to themselves and then selling them at a profit (Porsche dealers do it too). But this is why people hate the whole dealer system.

You should be able to order a vehicle ahead of time, wait for your car to be built, and buy it at MSRP. That's how Ferrari does it, as well as Tesla. Yes, you might have to wait for the car for a couple of years in Ferrari's case, but you'll get the car AT MSRP. (Note: I do understand that for the limited editions like a 488 Pista, they will only sell them to clients that spend a lot of money, but they still sell them at MSRP. This is same system Rolex dealers use to sell stainless Daytonas. But at least they aren't raping you.)

Being in your hood, I'd be interested in knowing which stealership? Thinking about my relationship with my dealer I wouldn't expect this. I was lucky to have one of the first deliveries at the dealer (12/22/2021) and there was never a mention of bullshit mark up.
Looked at the Cadillac website, first page in big letters, price as shown $175,000. Yikes, that thing is going to be worth next to nothing used in 5 years.
The whole dealer markup scheme is like organized crime/mafia.. they got you by the balls and you either grease the palms or you’re out of luck. I refuse to play that game…
I could think of 10 million better ways to waste my money.

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