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Feb 17, 2021
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
2023 CT4-V Blackwing Road Atlanta IMSA Track Edition
Great idea @Vigster ! I’ll kick it off with my 2007 Harley Softail Deluxe that’s been customized for that old school look in both solo and 2-up configurations. One of the greatest compliments that I ever received was "that thing looks like a Cadillac" as I was pulling up to a biker bar. Many years before I ever considered buying a Cadillac.


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1994 Honda VFR750
2004 Suzuki SV650

Two GREAT bikes.

Pics and stories about the VFR.
82' Honda 750 Nighthawk, 90% done
91' Kawi KZ1000P Police Bike, Resto-undergoing

2022 Triumph Street triple 765 RS
2019 BMW F 850 GSA
2013 Triumph Speed Triple 1050
2012 Triumph Tiger 800
2010 Triumph Speedmaster 800

I may seem like a triumph fan boy... But I really love BMW bikes... 😂


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This is most of them 😂


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Its an XDiavel, and I love it. The chopper proved too unreliable and scraped in the corners. But overall rode infinitely better than you would expect.

Ironically, I went with the Caddy because its the best of all worlds - plush, fast, track day today and grocery getter tomorrow.

I thought the chopper could do it all, but after having it, I specialized. The Harley is wonderful. It's comfy, nimble, beautiful, and has an enormous passenger seat. The wife loves it.

But when doing all the customization, I realized I could get another entire bike for what more horsepower in the HD would cost.

So I bought the Ducati. It is the perfect solo bike. It has Ducati's racing engine, yet its in a comfy package. Nobody else puts their full-on racing engine in a bike with a comfortable riding position. And its beautiful. Turns heads every time I stop.

I highly recommend it.
Here are some random pics, one is of my garage right now...always tinkering. It's too scary to be in the house with a wife and two teenage daughters...they steal a slice of your soul if you look at them wrong 🤓

The destroyed R1 on the crash truck is Jake Gagne's bike when he crashed at Brainerd last year (for anyone that follows MotoAmerica).


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Love a garage full of bikes. I had 7 at one point in a1 1/2 car garage. Had to thin the herd, too many friends expecting me to loan when they were down. Got old real fast.
Love a garage full of bikes. I had 7 at one point in a1 1/2 car garage. Had to thin the herd, too many friends expecting me to loan when they were down. Got old real fast.
Here's a guy I can relate to! 😂 I had five at once and yes
I guess could consider this my primary 2 wheel ride😎 '15 CVO Streetglide. It's cammed, V&H SS exhaust, Dynojet piggyback with 18mm wideband O2's. All 12 point stainless hardware. Ark Audio amp w/Focal speakers. Drowns out wife🤣. Love the 70's heavy metal flake. May or may not be last new bike purchase, never know.

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