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    AL13 R60 wheels for sale

    Sorry to see you go, post a pic of the new ride!
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    MT Buyers Only: If MT was not available, would you still buy a Blackwing?

    I probably just would have kept my V3 if the BW was auto only.
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    Finding Allocations

    My local dealer did the same thing with their allocations. They had 3 5 BWs at my count over the past year, all automatics. The last one that they had was a loaded black auto. I think it topped out at 115k so it had just about every option. They had it listed at 30 over if I recall. I suspect...
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    How honest is Sewell Cadillac Dallas?

    Sewell is awesome and Dustin is the man!
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    2023 CT5 Configurator Live

    Thanks, I was gonna start a thread about this last night asking if it was supposed to go live today.
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    Media dumps

    Strictly speculation on my part but I heard the ‘24 C8 is going to get an improved cluster. I wonder if that’s going to be offered in the Blackwing as well.
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    Media dumps

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    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    When my SS was totaled, I rented a white Malibu. It was so bad that I brought it back 2 days later and traded it for a Durango. The funny part is, I eventually replaced the SS with a white CTS-V. When I got the V, my neighbor thought it was another rental as I had switched rentals a few times in...
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    500 miles

    It's funny, I took my V3 for it's first oil change at about 1200 mi I think? I don't recall when it's supposed to be done per the maintenance schedule but the SA was like "uhhh you only have 1200 mi on it, you're going to have to pay for it..." My V didn't have the CF hood vent so I think he...
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    Spring Mountain impressions

    I haven’t attended M school yet but I’m looking forward to it! 🙂 Spring Mountain was a blast though.
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    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    Congrats, looks great! I saw my first 4 BW in Austin over the weekend. Black w bronze wheels.
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    I’m sorry man! Kyle R sent me a note about it last night. Just for reference, here’s mine. Hopefully I’ll own a Blackwing one day. Seriously though, people are idiots. You’ll get it fixed up.
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    Dealer called, car is in, but now there is a catch

    The whole concept and execution of dealer add-ons irks me to no end. I leased a new car for my wife at the end of 2019 (which was not the best time to lease a car. it sat in the garage for most of 2020). The dealer we leased it from was going to add tint to the front windows only as the rears...
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    CT5-V What don't you like about your CT5-V Blackwing?

    I totally failed that part of the class when I attended! 🤣
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    CT5-V What don't you like about your CT5-V Blackwing?

    Congrats, you now drive a Cadillac! 😂 This is totally normal. Embrace it. Thanks for posting your impressions!
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