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    CT4-V Blackwing and Baby/Toddler Seats

    Thank you! I was afraid of that. Oh well, maybe two CT5-V Blackwings, but that might be a little excessive. :D :D :D
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    CT4-V Blackwing and Baby/Toddler Seats

    So, I'm loving the 5BW I got a few months back and I've been seriously considering a 4BW for my wife, but we have an almost 4yo boy and a 9 month old boy. How is the back seat for toddler/baby seats? Is it too small? The 5BW works okay, but it's a very tight squeeze if my wife wants to sit...
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    rough idle

    That is a 668hp beating heart. Enjoy the good vibrations!
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    Calling Mirza or other technical experts: Helmholtz resonator or the like

    Any instructions on how to remove silencing plate safely?
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    Calling Mirza or other technical experts: Helmholtz resonator or the like

    So, we all love our Blackwings, but I had a quick question. On my CT5-V Blackwing, I'd like a little more blower whine audible inside the cabin. Hypothetically speaking, is there anything in the intake tract we could remove that might open up the intake volume a little bit? :D :D :D
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    Replacement Carbon Fiber Delays

    No affiliation with this website and don't know if they're any good, but $750 isn't bad for an OEM CF splitter: https://www.gmpartsstore.com/oem-parts/gm-f-fascia-84433235
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    Epic video

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    Corvette Z06

    I'm getting a C8 Z06 too and think it will look great next to my C6 ZR1 and 5BW in the garage. Hopefully this time next year or before, I'll have it in the garage.
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    oil change ct5v Blackwing

    Can I use the UPF64 filter? I have several left that I also use on my C6 ZR1.
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    C&D compare BW5/RS7/M5

    Not making excuses, but GM had to save money somewhere and I'm glad they saved it on things that are irrelevant to me and most other buyers of the Blackwing. I haven't noticed or cared the grade or quality of plastic on the lower half of the door or other random places throughout the cabin...
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    C&D compare BW5/RS7/M5

    I think the interior in my 5BW is perfectly fine and functional. Plus, I'll keep that other $40k in my bank account for other toys compared to the M5/RS7 that isn't as fun to drive or as visceral.
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    Break in period - 500 or 1,500 miles

    500 and rock and roll time! I recorded my 0-151mph video just after the 500 mile tachometer redline shift on my local Mexican highway.
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    What’s next ?

    I'm holding out for a C8 ZR1 or Zora, though the C8 Z06 is going to be bada**.
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    True mirror to mirror width of the CT5 BW

    You can manually (meaning with a button) open and fold the mirrors, so I don't even know if there is a speed limit on it. I bet you could drive down the highway at 100mph with the mirrors folded.
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