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    News: Cadillac CTS-V Wagon brings luxurious performance with added versatility

    Still have my V-Wagon Amazing that nobody wants to buy it for $44,500 Super Wagon Drag Race! Cadillac CTS-V vs Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG - Head 2 Head Episode 4 - YouTube
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    What should I ask for my 2011 CTS-V, Sport Wagon, Black Diamond Edition

    Think I am pressing my luck and certainly hammering my fuel budget with this beauty 2 years of not allowing anything to get by me is probably enough...and nothing did..... Think about a dozen of these were built Car has 20,000 miles and the balance of the 5 year warranty Pristine, all CTS-V...
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    Ggreetings from Crestview, Florida

    Curious how many of these wagons are there? I had never seen one, in person, until I picked my order up at the dealer. I still have never seen another one,in the wild. We must be a pretty unique couple of birds with these beasts. MC
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    Ggreetings from Crestview, Florida

    Took delivery of a 2011 V Sport Wagon, Black Diamond this month Noticed this forum before, and thought I'd enter. Just drove the wagon from Portland, OR to Tucson. Will be splitting time between the two cities and probably will be driving it back and forth. Amazing road car, averaged around...
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