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    Product Review: K&N air filter

    Tuna, That is exactly what I am doing, im no fool when it comes to this stuff and on my big turbo evo tuned I probably only picked up 20WHP. The gains displayed and showed backed up by "dyno graphs" is what is making me wonder "could it be"? I will be doing my own bench mark testing and...
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    Product Review: K&N air filter

    Are the gains as serious as people claim with these intakes? Airaid is stating 45whp! NO tune!!!
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    NEW 2013 CTS-V Owner

    HEy guys, Excuse the ricey user name but its been with me on every car forum I have been a part of so I never changed it, besides its really easy to remember haha. Name is Brendan and I just picked up the 2013 V Coupe last wk in diamond black. I will not be keeping the car this color and will...
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