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Cadillac V-Series Production Numbers Updated & Site Updates

by Rob
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Cadillac V-Series

We’re pleased to announce that we have now updates the Cadillac V-Series production numbers with the latest numbers for the 2019 model year including ATS-V and CT6-V.

As soon as the 2020 Cadillac production numbers are released, we’ll update those as well.

New Forums and Mobile Compatibility

We’ve also converted our V-Series Forums from vBulletin to Xenforo in order to provide new features, simple access, and full mobile compatibility.

As a result, the layout of the forums has changed a little bit, but you can now view the forums from any hand-held device without having to adjust your screen.

For more details, please see:  Welcome to the Cadillac V-Net’s new V-Series forums!

On the heels of the new forum software upgrade, we are also working diligently to convert the rest of the site over to full mobile compatibility.

Once we complete the conversion, we’ll finally get back to adding more content such as details and specifications for all of the current V-series Cadillac models!

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