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COTA Track Event April 29 - May, 2016


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Jan 1, 2015
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Yes,you are reading this correctly. MVP Track Time (www.MVPTrackTime.com) is heading back to COTA April 29 -May 1, 2016. We been invited to share three days at COTA with anotherorganizer with our own run group of Advanced drivers.

Forthe second time this year, it's time to think about three days of driving onAmerica's only purpose built F1 track, Circuit of The Americas (COTA) inAustin, Texas. MVP Track Time has scheduled another three-day COTA track eventfor April 29 - May 1, 2016.

Theentry fee for all three days is $1,425. Due to a car count limitfor MVP's single run group, this event will be for ADVANCED skill/experiencelevel drivers only.

Ifyou are in doubt whether you meet the Advanced criteria, please call me at(314) 249-3770 to discuss your experience. Again,we have a limited number of spots available for COTA II. Yes, the spots fill fast!!

The$1,425 entry fee for all three days at COTA II can only be completedwith Pay Pal (you can use any major credit card through the Pay Pal system ifyou don't have a Pay Pal account) at the link below:


Onceyou have completed the entry fee, head over to the "RegistrationPage" of MVP's web site (link below) toregister. You'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to complete theblue outlined box. Click on the "Event"drop-down menu choosing [color=blue[B]][/B] COTA II April 29 - May 1, 2016 [/COLOR]


Wewill send out a group confirmation e-mail once the run group spotsare filled We have scheduled two hours of track time each of the threedays.

As always, in the spirit of transparency, therental of COTA, as you can guess, is rather costly, so once you register, MVPTrack Time will not be able to give you a refund until our COTA run groupis sold out AND we have a replacement for you. If/when we canreplace you, there will be a $100 cancellation fee. Inside of four weeks(March 29, 2016 and later) prior to the COTA event there is no refund. This is the reality of renting Circuit of The Americas.

Before you ask, garage availability is still up in the air,but IF garage rental becomes available, I'll reach out to all attendees tomake arrangements. .

Ifyou have any questions, grab the phone and call me at (314) 249-3770 or you cane-mail Feffman@MVPTrackTime.com.

HappyMotoring and I hope to see you at COTA in April. Enjoy your day!

Phone(314) 249-3770

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