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  1. KQQL-V

    Front bumper removal / installation

    Let me get this straight. ..........it costs $1K to replace the headlight assy on a STS-V?
  2. KQQL-V

    Help! Has Anyone Ever Installed an Oil Catch Can on Their STS-V?

    I had a nice AMW Oil Catch Can on my '50 CTS-V and it was an easy install. Looking f/ help w/ my '06 STS-V. Thanx
  3. KQQL-V

    Has Anyone Ever Found a Source For STS-V Window Sticker Reproductions?

    I know a guy down in Florida who specializes in all things Vette..............including window stickers. A few years ago he also produced a perfect reproduction of my 2005 CTS-V window sticker. He recently offered to reproduce the window sticker from my VIN f/ my 2006 STS-V but ran into...
  4. KQQL-V

    Past CTS-V Owner - New D3 STS-V Owner

    I'm Very Happy To Report..... ...........that I recieved a phone call from the D3 folks last night and my questions f/ the most part (at least what they could remember from 2006-2008) re: my 2006 D3 STS-V were answered. I actually spoke to James Gill who I believe is a VP or President of D3...
  5. KQQL-V

    Past CTS-V Owner - New D3 STS-V Owner

    What is Going On? The D3 STS-V that I recently purchased and posted pictured of here in this forum apparently was originally owned by either a VP at D3 or his father who I believe was or is a Cadillac or GM executive. Because of this fact the numerous emails (w/ pictures) and phone calls to D3...
  6. KQQL-V

    Help! Looking For 2006 STS-V Personalization Instruction CD

    Hello fellow V fans:wave: My standard issue STS-V Personalization Instruction tutorial cd that comes w/ the owners manual pkg is broken. Does anyone have an extra copy or one they don't need any more? The one f/ my CTS-V was very helpful in figuring out all the bells and whistles.
  7. KQQL-V

    Past CTS-V Owner - New D3 STS-V Owner

    Finally Took Delivery of My 2006 D3 Stage 2 STS-V Here are the first of many pictures to come:
  8. KQQL-V

    Hello from Houston, TX

    Slime in the ice machine !!!!!!!!!!! I lived in Houston f/ 17 years after graduating from college in Ohio. In 1980 it was where the jobs were. I consider myself as much a Longhorn as I do a Buckeye. I miss Houston a gr8 deal and visit as often as possible. Now that the kids are married and...
  9. KQQL-V

    Past CTS-V Owner - New D3 STS-V Owner

    Good News: After searching every city in the lower 48 I finally found what I have long wanted. A D3 Stage 2 STS-V (2006) Raven Black w/ Tango Red interior. Rated at 568 HP and 558 LB FT TQ 20" Forgeline x 4 Car originally owned by a GM executive and modified at D3 HQ in California f/ the...
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