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    New and looking

    Thank you.....:cool:
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    New and looking

    Hello I'm sorry what is a V in Infrared ?
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    MVP Track Time 2019 Track Events and Invitation

    Track Days Thanks for the post I've been at the Joliet track it's very nice............I'll wait till November for here in Atlanta:rocker:
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    Question How did the shed turn out?
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    New Member 2016 CTS V

    Cts v Congratulations...........
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    2011 cts-v

    A very good tire for this make/model until they wear to the bar or old.
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    2011 cts-v

    Noise You mentioned road noise what make of tires are you running?
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    Another first time Cadillac owner

    How is the V running and will it remain stock?
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    Cadillac Takes the Top Win at the Rolex 24 Hour Race in Daytona

    Win Congrats on Cadillac's win at the Rolex............:rocker:
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    Long tube headers with factory exhaust?

    Headers Hello This was posted a while back but did you ever complete this mod?
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    Oh No!

    Did the problem get fixed?
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