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    How much back pressure loss?

    If I chop the mufflers and run straight pipe will there be back pressure loss? If so will it be A lot, or is there enough with the cats and resonators?
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    Help! mass air flow sensor

    Did you get are use this sensor yet?
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    Check Engine Light Codes

    codes were p0171 and p0174 banks 1&2 are lean
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    Check Engine Light Codes

    So I just installed the specter intake system. The air filter with the elbow and along with the Y pipe. Drove it aroung last night with no problems or c.e.l.s. Wife called me and said the c.e.l. was on. I have not had A chance to code it yet. My question is, is there A c.e.l. code page...
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    Classafied section

    Do we have one of these here for new, used or to trade parts? I think this would be awesome
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    need help (sc) cover

    Ok I got the supercharger cover off. Yes I had to remove the strut bar to get it off. 6 bolts and 10 mins, easy money
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    Supercharger wine

    The stock intake has two baffles in it the muffle the wine. They are hidden by the top big plastic cover
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    need help (sc) cover

    Is there a way to take off the cover with out cutting or remove the big plastic cover or do I need to take off the strut bar? I want to upgrade the intake
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    Noob here from N.M.

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    Noob here from N.M.

    Saying hi. Just got 2008 STS V 4.4 S/C. Silver. Stock everything for now
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