2017 Cadillac ATS-V: GM TechLink: 3rd Gear Condition on Manual Transmission

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October 3, 2016

Some 2017 Camaro and ATS-V models equipped with a 6-speed transmission (RPO MM6, MG9) and 2017 Corvette models equipped with a 7-speed transmission (RPO MEP, MEK) may hop out of 3rd gear due to a mis-machined gear. These vehicles will have very low mileage or the condition may be noticed during PDI.

To determine if the transmission is operating properly, shift to 1st gear and then 2nd gear as quickly as possible at a low or medium throttle. Next, shift to 3rd gear and release the shift lever, accelerating quickly to a medium or heavy throttle; then decelerate.

If the transmission does not hop out of 3rd gear, shift back to 2nd gear and repeat the shifting and accelerating procedure 10 times. If the transmission does not hop out of 3rd gear, the transmission has the correctly machined gear. (Fig. 14, #1) If the hop out of 3rd gear is verified, there is a mis-machined gear (Fig. 14, #2) and the 3rd speed gear, synchronizer and shift collar should be replaced.

2017 Cadillac ATS-V - 3rd gear condition with manual transmission

Fig 14

– Thanks to Steve Schipansky

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