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Window tint gone wrong


Oct 16, 2012
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
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Not sure how many here are on other Cadillac forums so this is a repost of my latest experience with window tinting:

Last Wednesday I had a local outfit tint the windows on the new vsport. They said not to roll down the windows for the next three days so I waited four. Upon doing so, I noticed the passenger side peeled so I took it back on Monday and they replaced it. They also replaced the driver side because there was debris in between the tint and window. Well, the drivers side ended up worse because there was a lot of lint/dust in there (imagine the frustration when that happens on your phone screen protectors). So today they replaced the driver side for the third time. So far so good on the windows.

I'm not exactly sure what the process is for tinting but I know they use a lot of solution. I know this because each time I went, the window sill suede interior was soaking wet afterwards. No big deal for me since they dried without problems. However, this third time, the solution must have dripped behind the speaker under the sill and came out with a red, unremovable hue. i didn't notice it until I got back closer to work so I stopped by a dealership that I've worked with before. The detail guy comes out with a foaming cleaner, applies it and as soon as he starts wiping it down, the leather (I'm guessing it's leather; correct me if I'm wrong) starts peeling away! At this point I'm beside myself and he tries to get the manager to warranty it but no such luck. Pictures to follow, sorry for the rant, what would you do next? Anybody know why the panel peeled?



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