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*****UNOFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT***** LS, LT Engines To Be Phased Out in 2022

Cleveland Rammer

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Aug 19, 2015
Boobies, Stockton, CA

Inside the General Motors headquarters, GM CEO Barra announced that 19 years after the modern over-head-valve V-8 had been born, the LS and LT V-8 motors will be eliminated. Anticipate that every one of them will be the remainder of American V-8 integrity, in light of the fact that catching up on automakers from everywhere throughout the world (and ostensibly even GM's closest companion, Ford) get on colossal and noteworthy drive and torque from littler, shylike, girlyish motors.

Discharge measures are getting stricter, gas is getting costly, and consequently relocation/barrels are getting diminished sooner and sooner (expect the fourth-era CTS-V, the second-era Chevy SS sports sedan, the 6th era performance Camaros, and the C8 Corvette, the midengine Hennessey Venom FR5 supercar, and the current generation Cadillac Escalade SUV with a facelift to utilize a twin-turbo V-6 or possibly a 4.0-4.5L twin-turbo, dual-over-head-cam V-8).

GM's new turbo-four and biturbo-six motors (such as those in the minimized Chevy Cruze and Buick Verano, the moderate size Chevy Malibu and Buick Regal, the full-estimate Impala and LaCrosse, and the reduced Cadillac ATS extravagance two- and four-door, and even the elite ATS-V, the medium size CTS (up to Vsport), and the full-measure CT6 luxury sedan) deliver a helluva strength and muscles that wouldn't be in production V-8 engines back in the 1970s-'80s. The LS3 and LS7's rival, the Ford Coyote 5.0L, is contended to be bigger than the pushrodders.

EDIT: One study suggests that too many people are swapping LS engines into their cars. The small-block is sort of a gas-guzzler compared to many other engines, BUT NOT ALWAYS! Look at the Corvette's m.p.g., it's 30 on the highway! Even better than any turbo-eight Audi could manage!
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Nov 4, 2011
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If GM has a business case for phasing out the push-rod V8 engine and going with something else, I'm sure they will do it.

Not much we'll be able to do about it either way.

In the meantime, the small block Chevy has created the biggest bang for the buck in automotive engines for a long time. If it goes away, RIP.

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