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Stock dyno results


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Dec 15, 2014
Houston, TX
Mustang dyno, HP Motorsports Houston at TX2K15 dyno night
325 HP
387 lb-ft

Sorry for the crappy picture. Torque curve is DEAD flat from 2000 RPM up
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What correction factor? SAE or std.

If the trans is a manual, 325 using .85 for driveline loss is about 382 at the flywheel. If you use .82 for driveline loss you're at 396.

If the trans is an automatic, 325 using .81 for driveline loss you're at 401. If you use .78 for driveline loss you're at 417.

Cars to day have pretty efficient drivelines so most people use .85 (man) and .81 (auto).
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Well...in order to get a useful comparison to the engine's rated horsepower, you need to have the chassis dyne results corrected to the SAE standard.

The dyno print out you got might list what correction was used.

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