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Stock ATS-V Heads Make the Power!


Apr 13, 2022
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2018 ATS-V
The ATS-V continues to possess its own unique quirks and intricacies that make it stand out from every other mainstream platform out there. One particular instance of this was with our good friend Alex in Washington who was actually one of our very first customers we tuned more than four years ago. After installing our Purple Belt Package, he had his heads ported to see if he could pick up more power. Oddly enough, his ATS-V was actually down on power compared what we usually see with Purple Belt cars.

Alex decided to ship his ATS-V to us in Ohio so we could not only to confirm his ported heads were the problem, but also to install our complete Brown Belt Package! After swapping on a new set of stock LF4 heads and Jorge completing every detail of the Performance Package installation, we were able to strap his car to the dyno. Our suspicions were confirmed when we saw the power numbers we expected for a 91 octane Brown Belt car. When we finished up, his ATS-V made 689 whp with a beautiful powerband! The only thing left to do was get Alex’s ATS-V detailed and shipped back out to Washington for him to enjoy!

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on the dyno.jpg
92 Octane Brown Belt Package Dyno Chart.PNG

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Dec 5, 2021
Long Island, NY
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2023 CT5-V Blackwing
Nice, love the power band!

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