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For Sale SOLD CT4V BW Carbon Fiber Dive Planes from Tapout Tuning - $200+shipping (read description) - SOLD

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Oct 15, 2023
V-Series Cadillac(s)?
'23 CT4VBW
Up for sale today are the leftovers from my Tapout CF1 Dive Plane install... For more detail, check out my thread here.

In short, I got some less-than-perfect batches of dive planes. The first set up for sale was the first set they sent me. They look to have been modified by Tapout to make the tabs thinner. They were too thin and a few broke during my attempted install.

I went back and forth with them (to be clear, they were great the whole time) and they sent a second set. These were unmolested by dremel. The passenger side mounted up great. The drivers side was a little out of whack and during install one tab broke.

Therefore up for sale are:

  1. he first set which were dremeled by Tapout. On the driver side, two of the five tabs are broken off, and one is cracked. THe passenger side has all tabs intact.
  2. The driver's side of the second set. Broken top tab, but undremeled. Has slightly different weave than other set.

Perhaps you have better 3M tape skills than me and can make these work for you without all the tabs. Or you are an epoxy wizard and can recreate the missing tabs. Either way, this is a project and the price reflects that

Is this still available? Do you have pictures on the bottom I want to see if I could use 3m
Still available!

Let me know if this is helpful/ answers your question. Depending on your bumper situation your approach might need to change, but you could definitely use 3M tape to work something out.


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