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Personalized license plate

Finally got mine. I like that it kinda sounds like blackwing.
I was looking at pictures from BMP this weekend and saw your car from Thursday's Test & Tune. I thought it was my car from Street Heat on Saturday.

You didn’t happen to be in Riverview last night were you? I thought I saw another red 5BW on this side on my way to work.


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The plate says it all, is that full PPF or paint correction and ceramic? Its a freakin mirror! OUTSTANDING!
I just realized I double posted this, but whatever, ha. Anyway, it's just corrected and ceramic coated as PPF is only on the front. I use P&S Beadmaker as a finishing drying aid, and I think that adds the most gloss.
Just got my plates, nice and simple IMO


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Technically, license plate covers or frames of any kind, are illegal in a lot of states, but yeah, it's best not to do something illegal while you are doing something illegal.
If you are doing something highly illegal like a class 2 felony, it’s best to steal a car first.
How long did it take for CA DMV to tell you it was approved? I heard you get a postcard in mail to confirm availability then send actual plates some time later. Is that what your experience was?
So this one hasn’t arrived yet but my last custom plate just showed up after the ordering stage. It took 8-12 weeks.
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